As I’ve mentioned before, the spring brought a fun treasure hunt in my yard.  I knew what some things were and really had no idea what other things where.  I had no idea what Rue, Valerian, Comfrey, Ma Huang, St. John’s Wort, and a myriad of other plants looked like.  Luckily some of them  were on my handy dandy map that the previous owner left.  But some where not, she hadn’t lived her for a least a year and couldn’t remember everything.

The snow was covering the whole yard and as it started to melt I discovered beautiful and

The beauty of lavendar
Lavender, more than just a pretty flower.

not so beautiful things.  One of the not so beautiful things was the front flower bed.  It looked like it was full of sage brush.  I so wish I would have gotten a picture of it, you would have totally agreed with me.  I couldn’t understand why they would plant sage brush, and so much of it, in the very front of the house.  I mean, it’s the first thing you see pulling up to the house.  The rest of the bed was cute with a few other bushes and large rocks and a barrel on it’s side with plants spilling out of it. There is also a cute dry bed of rocks (that was full of leaves). However, the majority of it was UGLY!

As I started to clean it out my suspicions of it being sage brush were not alleviated.  There was some green showing up but it was mostly looking dead.  I just started pulling everything dead out.  It took me weeks.  Due to the fact that we live in rural Idaho we can burn.  We have an amazing fire pit that I would bring trash cans full to burn.

It had a distinct smell that I couldn’t place at the time.

I found out that the original owners planted it the first year the house was built, 20 years ago.  It hadn’t been cleaned out since.  As I was almost done pulling all the dead stuff out, the green stuff started to smell familiar.  Lavender?  Are you kidding me, I have lavender?  It had the distinct smell from essential oils, not the fake stuff that is scented like it.  I have tried a few times to plant lavender and failed.  I was extremely excited to find that I have a TON of it.  The above picture is only a small section of it.


What To Do With Lavender

TEA-Yep, even lavender can be made into tea.  Not sure how much I would like it because it has such a strong flavor but I’ll have to give it a try.  It sure looks pretty.

Just mix 1 1/2 Tbsp. dried lavender flowers or 3 Tbsp. of fresh flowers to every 2 cups of boiling water.  Let it steep for about 5 minutes.  Add honey and lemon, if desired.

HEADACHES-Drink the tea to help with headaches.

ANXIETY-Drink the tea to help with anxiety.

SLEEP-Drink the tea, use the fresh or dried flowers and leaves, or use the oil to help you fall asleep.

SOAPS/LOTIONS/BATH GELS/ETC.-Get online and you will find a ton of recipes for these.  They are all so pretty and fun.  I’m anxious to give some a try.  Here’s a few fun ones.




EXTRACT-Put the flowers and/or leaves in vodka and let it set for about a month.  This can be used in cooking and for medicinal purposes.

ECZEMA-Lavender is amazing at calming and healing eczema.  Use the oil, salve, lotion, etc.  Make sure to use real lavender and not the fake scented stuff.

OIL-Mix the flowers and/or leaves into olive oil, or the oil of your choice, and let it set for about a month.  Use it in food or topically for medicinal uses.

ICE CREAM-Again, not sure what I would think about the flavor but it is so pretty that it’s worth trying sometime.

This one looks fun with the added berries and coconut but there are so many other recipes that you can find online.


This one also looks yummy. http://indulgy.com/post/xJd0F3U8O1/food-is-love

CANDLES-I bet this smells amazing and it looks so pretty too.  Here’s one recipe to try.   http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/08/summer-meets-fall-pressed-flower-candles/

POTPOURRI-The amazing smell of lavender could only make your house smell wonderful.

SPRITZ-Infuse water in a spray bottle and spritz it on clothes to freshen them, your pillow to help you sleep, around a room to freshen it, etc.

RECIPES-There are tons and tons of recipes that use lavender.

GARNISH-Make your food or drinks look super fancy.

FLAVORED SUGAR-Add to recipes (like sugar cookies) and drinks for a little extra flavor.

ICE-Add some flowers to each section of an ice tray to make your drinks fancy .

LEMONADE-I found a pin for lavender lemonade that is supposed to help with headaches.  I might give this a try tomorrow.  http://www.realfarmacy.com/make-lavender-lemonade-get-rid-headaches-anxiety/#!prettyPhoto/0/

PERFUME-Dab some of the oil that you made behind your ears for perfume.

BLOATING OR IBS-Sprinkle some of the flowers in your recipes, some yogurt, or drink some tea to help with bloating or IBS.

NAUSEA-Rub some of the oil you made on your tummy or drink some tea to help with nausea.

Lavender Uses
Is this beautiful or what? My mom spent hours taking these flowers off of the stems.

DEPRESSION-The scent of lavender can help with depression.

INSECT REPELLENT-Use the flowers or oils to help repel insects.

ACNE-Use some of the oil on your skin to help relieve acne.

MUSCLES-Use the oil to help rub those sore and tired muscles.

INSECT BITES-Rub some of the oil on an insect bite to help with the itching.

BATH-Put a bundle of stems with the flowers and leaves in your bath water to help you relax and to add a wonderful smell.

BURNS-Lavender oil placed on a burn after running it under cold water for about 5 minutes can help relieve the pain and speed up the healing.

LINEN SPRAY-This recipe looks fun to try also.  http://www.newhousenewhomenewlife.com/2015/07/how-to-make-your-own-lavender-linen-spray.html

I think that I could go on and on but I need to stop somewhere.  I had no idea there where so many uses for lavender.  I’m super glad I have so much of it!

How To Prune And Take Care Of Lavender

I wish I would have found this post last week before I cut back half of a plant apparently too far.  Oh well, live and learn. https://peacefulacreslavenderfarm.com/growing-lavender-planting-lavender-pruning-lavender-in-the-home-garden

Here’s another post on how to take care of lavender.  http://beesandroses.com/2015/12/24/10-simple-tricks-for-growing-lavendar/

I’m now super excited to go cut up my lavender plants and do stuff with it.  What have you used your lavender for?  Let me know what you try and have already tried in the comments.


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