I have decided that it’s time to turn off the screens for my kids during most of the day for the rest of this summer.  I can’t believe how much time they waste on a screen.  There are so many fun things these kids could be doing that they don’t have any clue about.  You tell them to turn off the screen and they immediately start to whine that they don’t have anything to do.

I realize that it’s my fault that I haven’t taught them these things.  They ask me what they can do and I throw a couple of ideas out there and tell them it’s not my job to entertain them.  I am trying so hard to get everything done in the day that I don’t feel I have time for that.turn off the screens!

I starting reading a book a while ago that I picked up for a few minutes today.  It talks about how we need to make connections with those that are most important to us.  You don’t have to, and can’t, do everything.    If your family is most important than you need to make sure that you take the time to do things that allow you to connect with them.

We need to prioritize what we do based on what connections are most important to us.

That being said I need to change the way I am prioritizing my life.  I am so focused on trying to support my family, clean the house, doing the required aspects of being a mom, etc., etc.  This focus isn’t bad, it just isn’t the goal or purpose that I want for my life.

I know that my kids are only going to be kids for such a short time, in retrospect.  My oldest is almost 17 and I don’t have much time with him before he isn’t a “kid” anymore.  My twins are 8 and they don’t have much time left before they aren’t my little kids anymore.  I need to change the connections I am making to take advantage of that time left with them.

I am making a commitment to make connections with my family a priority over anything else.

I am taking the time to teach my kids how to be kids without a screen this summer.  We might just have to get on a screen to look stuff up on Pinterest.  Hey, I never said that I was spending less time on the screen this summer.  I already did some research on things to do earlier today.  I’ll be doing some more research and doing a fun post about it.

I think we are going to make a fort out of pallets tomorrow in the back corner of our lot that’s like a forest.  I keep thinking how much fun  I would have had back there as a kid.  I’m determined that my kids are going to have a great time back there.  I’ll keep you updated.

Here’s a YouTube video that I put together for our Reclaimed That! weekly tip.  It talks about a few things we can do as a family away from the screen.

If you are interested in the book from the video here’s a link to it.  The author used to go to church with us before they moved.  It’s really a fun family read. It is the first in a series that are also available on Amazon. I highly recommend it!

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