When Trials Seem More Than You Can Bear

Everyone feels it at one time or another, despair.  The feeling that you don’t know how you are going to go on.  Questions of how you can change your life for the better with the circumstances that you’ve been dealt.  Trials can do this to us.

I’m currently there.  It’s not the first time in my life that I’ve been here.  It’s interesting that last time looks so much easier from today’s point of view.  Last time I would have never imagined that I could be pushed as hard as I am this time.

Trials are meant to make us stronger.  

trials that are more than you can bear

As I look at my past I know that trials do make me stronger.  I’d feel content with the strengths that I’ve learned so far in life.  I know that I’ll be dealt many more hands of trials though.  That’s what actually scares me.  How much more do I need to learn to deal with in this life?  How much harder will it get?

I know that others have trials that are much worse than mine.  I compare my trials to those of others and am scared that I might be handed one of those also.

Trials are meant to build our faith.

I have found my faith continually tested throughout my life.  It has never, however, been tested to the degree that it is currently being tested though.

I have always put total faith in the Lord and follow his guidance in my life.  Currently everything is falling apart.  I’ve done all that He has directed our family to do.  Why is it still falling apart?  What am I doing wrong?  Am I that weak?

I know this time is meant to make my life better for the future.  Is it really going to or will it just simply get worse?  Am I strong enough to make it through?

These questions plague me.  Each day I get out of bed and try to make the best out of that day.  I’ll get up again tomorrow and try to make our life better than today.  I’ll see if inspiration hits to help us know what we need to do next for our family.  I continue to ponder and pray hoping that things will start to look up.

A recent conversation with a friend has helped me get by.  Our trials give us experiences that can help us help others in the future.  If you have had a trial that can help someone around you, please take the chance to help them.  You will never know how much you can do for them.

What do you do when you feel that you have reached rock bottom?  Have you ever been pushed simply further than you can bear?  



      1. I’m not saying your situation isn’t stressfull but many times we experience despair not because of our struggles but because we think they’re a reflection of our worth or effort. If someone hurts or betrays us it must mean we’re not worth anything, if we’re not financially stable it must mean we’re a loser and not trying hard enough.

        Despite what society might think outcome doesn’t alway reflect effort. Stop judging yourself by the outcome. Do what you can do and let the rest go. I always paraphrase T.S. Eliot when I’m overwhelmed “Teach me to care and not to care…teach me to sit still”.

        I know not an easy thing to do…I struggle to take my own advice.

  1. You are strong and capable! Much stronger than you think Amy! I’ll be praying for you. Sometimes life can just suck! I have definitely felt that way many times. You are not alone. I love you!

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