I haven’t posted much of anything but plant uses for the last few days.  I gave my family cuttings from my yard.  I have been trying to compile the info of uses for those plants for them.  I’m not done with that series yet, I’ve actually just started, but I need a break from plants for a minute.  I told you that I would let you know about tender mercies in a past post and I want to share that with you.

A tender mercy is when something happens in our lives that helps us in some way.  This can be someone doing, giving, or saying something that was exactly what we needed right then.  It could also be a “thought”  that comes to our head at the right time or we received protection when we needed it.  There are so many ways that a tender mercy can touch our lives.

Want to learn even more about what tender mercies are?  

In April 2005 David A. Bednar taught about tender mercies in a way that struck my heart.  If you are even the least bit interested I would HIGHLY recommend the read.  All you need to do is search for tender mercies by David Bednar and you will find it quickly.

How Do Tender Mercies Apply To Me?

The biggest reason that I love the concept of tender mercies is that it helps us to know that we are not alone.  When I’m going through a hard time it sure feels like I’m alone.  Logically I know this isn’t true, I have an amazing support system.  However, when you are in the thick of things it feels lonely.  Then something happens that makes you feel like maybe it’s going to be okay.  That was not a coincidence.  The Lord and your support system are there for you and are PURPOSEFULLY doing things for you.  These things touch your heart and are now a tender mercy in your life.

It is important for us to take note of these things so that we remember them during hard times.  Because I’m not a good journal writer I often forget these tender mercies.  I try to leave visuals around me that help me to remember some of the more important ones in my life though.

Just recently I received a late Mothers Day card from my Granny.  It was very simple but it touched my heart and helped me to feel like I’m doing okay as a mother.  It’s what I needed that day and it wouldn’t have touched me as much if I had received it on Mothers Day.  It was a tender mercy in my life.  I leave that card in our shop, where my hubby had brought it to me from the mail.  I see it almost every day as I’m out making our furniture and my heart is touched to remember that tender mercy.

tender mercies
My # 1 tender mercy is my hubby. He’s always there for me.

Tender Mercies In Hard Times That Include Others

As I mentioned before, I’m going through a hard time right now.  Even though my husband is going through that exact same hard time with me, it still feels lonely.  I want to say no one knows how I feel and what I’m going through.  Now, that’s partly true because I have my own set of additions to that hard time.  However, the main part of my hard time he gets and is feeling it in his own way too.

It’s important to realize that, even if you are going through the exact same hard time, that you each have your own additions that change it for the next person.  An example of this is that we are both going through the hard time of being out of work, looking for a job, building our business, raising kids, doing foster care, fighting depression, etc.  However, Andrew is also having additional things added to that list that don’t apply to me.  I also have additional things that don’t apply to him.

We each need tender mercies that are the same but, at the same time, different.  That letter was a tender mercy for me.  It made Andrew feel good that I received it, because he’s part of my support system, but it wasn’t a tender mercy for him.  He probably doesn’t even know how much that letter helped me, and is still helping me.  Likewise, I’m sure there are some tender mercies that have, or are, helping him that I’m not even aware of.  We have also had tender mercies that have affected and helped both of us as well.

How Can I Help Others Receive Tender Mercies?

One of the most important things we can do in life is help others.  When we help others we are the Lord’s hands here on earth.  He can’t physically do these tender mercies so he’s counting on us to help him.  He couldn’t have posted the free tires online that helped us replace our bald tires.  However, a wonderful family (that really could have sold them and made some money) did and created a tender mercy for my whole family.  Every time we drive that car I will remember the tender mercy that we received.

How can you help others receive those tender mercies?  Pay attention to those around you.  Pay attention to “thoughts” that come to your mind.  When you have a “thought”  act on it.  Even if it seems silly or wouldn’t matter, it WILL matter to them.  Be the Lord’s hands here on earth.

Be His hands here on earth for others around you.

I had the opportunity once to be the Lord’s hands that I had totally forgotten about until now.  I had a friend who had just had surgery.  She started to bleed and called me asking if I could take her to her doctor that was half hour away sometime that day.  I was in the middle of doing school with my son who I did homeschool with at the time.  I told her I would be there to get her in about and hour and a half, once I was done doing school.  She didn’t express that it was that urgent and said that was okay.

I all of a sudden got the strongest feeling that I needed to take her NOW.  I pushed it aside because sometimes my anxiety gets the better of me when I worry about people I love.  It kept coming back.  So, I dropped what I was doing and went to get her.  She was actually bleeding pretty bad but had been down playing it.  It was a scary drive to the doctor.  As I sat there and realized how bad the situation really was I was so grateful that I had listened and drop what I was doing.  Turns out that if I would have waited that hour and a half she very well could have died.  The Lord uses us as his hands her on earth.

What tender mercies have you received in the past?  Have you ever had the opportunity to be the “hands” of a tender mercy?  I’d love to hear them, share in the comments.


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