If you are anything like me, you love spring!  I love to walk around my yard and watch everything come to life again.  It’s one of the things that brings me the most joy in my life.  It’s so fun to see what made it through the harsh winter.  It’s wonderful to watch the plants come back to life after looking dead or being covered all winter.

This year has been an especially snowy winter. It’s the most snow we’ve received in one winter since we moved to Idaho in 2002.  It’s been fun to see the snow pile up.  However, I’m enjoying watching it melt even more.  I know that we will have more snow before the season is over.  It’s just fun to see less of the now grey stuff.

As I see more and more graspringss appearing in my yard, it makes me think about my garden.

What am I going to plant this year?  What needs to be started indoors, and when?  Is it too early to start winter planting?

I am not a master gardener, by any means.  Each year I learn more and more about how to garden.  I have been gardening since I was a little kid with my family.  I have been doing my own garden for 14 years now.  I know that my 15th year will bring even more learning and excitement.

Each year I like to try something new.  Last year I had a new yard that was full of herbs that I had never seen or heard of.  I had perfected the soil in my old yard and I now have to learn what needs to be done to this yard’s soil.

There are many things I learned about herbs last year.  I spent so much time on the herbs that I didn’t really have time for my vegetable garden at all.  The little that I did plant was very neglected.

This year I will learn how to go about with the best placement of my garden in our new yard.  I will learn how to optimize the area that is already set up as a garden.  We also need to evaluate if we need to create more of a garden space.

Ever since we have moved to Idaho I haven’t had any luck with growing corn.  I LOVE fresh corn and I love to can and freeze it.  I am determined that this will be the year to make it work.

I’m excited to get on Pinterest and look up my gardening pins and make the plan for this year.  I’ll be posting as I do.

What are your plans?  Are you trying anything new this year?  Have you already started any plants?  I know that I would already have started if we still lived in California.  Are you fortunate enough to live in a place that allows such early planting?  I want to live vicariously through you until I can plant my garden.  I also want to hear your tips.


  1. Amy!! I planted a peach and a palmegranite tree last week!! I’m so excited!! I havent planted anything in over 15 years. I’m feeling motivated and even planted strawberries and have tomatoes started. I have a few avocado seeds I’m working on too! (we will see how it goes… but the kids are excited about it also and want to help.)

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