The Simple Way To Take on Minimalism

Let’s get real about minimalism.  It’s basically a fancy word for clearing the clutter out of your space.  It seems kind of scary because it’s such a big and intimidating word.  I was overwhelmed by this “new” concept and wanted to find out what was so new and different about it.  There really isn’t anything new about it.  Get rid of your clutter and enjoy what you have around you, that’s it.


Being a minimalist is easier than you think!

Now there are allot of people out there that have taken it to the extreme and try to see how little they can live with.  That, however, isn’t the definition of minimalism.  The concept is simply that we get rid of the “stuff” that isn’t making us happy.  If you don’t need it, use it, or find joy from it than why in the world are you keeping it?

I realize that I have really made this sound simple.  It IS simple.  

I know that you can go online and find all kinds of systems, books, websites, blogs, etc.  However, doesn’t that go against the whole concept of minimalism?

Go throughout your house 1 room, category, or section at a time and decide if it brings you joy.  I have fallen in love with Marie Kondo’s method because it is so simple.  You need to actually hold each item in your hand 1 at a time and decide if it brings you joy.  I have found that just because I use it doesn’t always mean that it brings me joy.  Likewise, just because I don’t love it or use it doesn’t mean it doesn’t bring me joy.

I know of people who try to live with as little as possible in their home.  I have decided to go with the concept of the item bringing me joy.  A good example of this is the fact that I have like 40 dinner plates.  They don’t all match and I don’t love the design on all of them.  I DO however, get joy from the fact that we often have enough company that I need those plates.

Take the plunge and become your own kind of minimalist and have every item around you bring you joy!

Have you tried to clear out the clutter around you?  Have you taken to the concept of minimalism?  Does everything around you bring you joy?  I want to hear your thoughts!

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