When we moved into our new house the yard was covered in snow.  We had no idea what was out there.  The previous owner kindly left a map of sorts to what we could find in the yard.  However, she didn’t remember everything and not everything came back.  The spring was a fun treasure hunt to see what came up throughout the yard.

I’ve been searching online for the identification of some very uncommon plants.  It’s been kind of fun for me to think of the different ways I can describe the plant to see if I can find the picture and name of the plant.  I’ve probably spent way too much time on some plants before I’ve turn to my resources for help.

Plant Identification Helps

I have a couple of resources that I use to help me with identification of plants.  I know that there are plenty of others out there but this is what I use.  I would love to hear what you use in the comments.

FACEBOOK-The first is a local Facebook page for gardeners.  This is an amazing resource and it’s fun to see what everyone is posting about what’s happening in their yard.  I will just take a picture and post it on the page and ask for help identifying it.

Totally take the time to search for gardening groups in your area on Facebook if you are even the least bit interested in it.  Just go to your Facebook menu (It’s the little arrow pointing down, when you are on your desktop) and click on Your Groups.  It will then have an option at the top for Groups or Discover.  You want to be in the discover section.  You can then find different sections at the top to choose from, click on Outdoor Activities.  It should give you a selection of available choices.  Have fun exploring!

GARDEN COMPASS-This is an app that I put on my Android phone for free.  You can take a picture of the plant and there are experts that will help you identify it.  I like this one because you know that the answer is for sure correct.  On Facebook there can be a lot of differing opinions about the identification of a plant.  This should be my go to but I, apparently, like to make things harder for myself and always do it the hard way first.  I tend to turn to the easiest after all my hard work has failed.


This is the plant that I have spent (some would say wasted) the most time trying to figure out what it is.  It’s in the garden area so I knew it was something that I would either use for eating or topically.  It took me at least a month of off and on doing searches on google and Pinterest.  I finally identified it as Rue and am so excited that I figured it out myself.  It may have taken me a long time but I have a huge sense of accomplishment that I wouldn’t have gotten if someone would have helped me.  I know, I’m silly.

What To Do With Those Plants

Now that you’ve identified those plants it’s time to figure out if they are of any value besides beautification of your yard.  I’m really into edible gardening so if there is anyway that a plant can be used I’m probably going to at least think about trying it (you know how good intentions are).  I’m not sure if it’s technically part of edible gardening if you are using them for topical medicinal reasons but I’m way into that also.  So, when I finally identify a plant I google and search Pinterest to see if I can use it for anything.

I have a lot of helpful plants in my yard because the previous owner made her own essential oils, soaps, lotions, etc. I’ve had so much fun finding out all the things I can do with them.  I will be doing a series of posts with different plants and what you can do with them.  The first ones I’m going to do are the ones that I just brought to my family reunion and promised my family I would tell them what to do with them.  I will be getting those posted pretty fast for them so forgive me that I will be posting a lot today.

If you have any tips about identifying plants in your yard or how to use them please comment below.  I love learning new things!

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