Have you ever needed business advice?  Have you ever wanted to start a business but simply didn’t have the resources to know where to even begin?  Do you have a basic idea of something that you want to do but don’t know how to turn it into a business?

You’ve probably done some research online and found that there was very little that could actually help you.  There are plenty of articles that give you the top things that can help you start a business that are full of generic information.  The first article you read gave you some information that you didn’t know yet.  The second article probably was just a repeat, and so on.

The next thing you found were PLENTY of websites that will help you if you have money.   Lots of money.

What gave you the idea that I had money?  If I had money I probably wouldn’t be looking online for information on how to start a business.  

My husband and I started our business about a year and a half ago and found it fun and exciting, but also very frustrating.  We did, however, have some amazing advice from those around us.  We also had friends and family who stepped in and helped us when we needed them.  Our business isn’t a million dollar business (or even 6 figure) but it’s growing each month.

Some of the tips that where the most helpful tips where from complete strangers.  Other tips came from the most unlikely places.  Every single tip was appreciated and considered.  We needed the help.  We still do.

The one thing that I have found through this experience is that I have to put myself out there.  I have to be willing to hear that the idea that we came up with wasn’t really that great.  I need to be told that we need to improve on something.  I need to be willing to ask for help at any turn.

I have also found that there are so many others out there that want to start a business but don’t have the support system that we have.  Do you fit into that spot?  Are you afraid to put yourself out there to even find out if you have a support system?


Guess What?!!  You’ve come to the right place!  This page is just for you.


I will be featuring new businesses or business concepts that are in need of a support system.  This page is for everyone.  If you aren’t looking to start a business, it’s even for you.  I know that you have even a little piece of advice for someone that is featured here.  We need you!

In order for this to be successful we must create a community of sharing and commenting.  We must be kind and helpful to others.

The more people that visit this page, the more businesses that will get help.  

Please take the time to share this.  I want so badly to create a free community of help to those that are so desperately in need of advice and support.  I couldn’t find anything like it when I needed it so much.  So, I created it.  I just need you to help get the traffic to help others.

Do you know of someone that would benefit from having their business or idea featured on this page?  Do you have a business or idea that could be featured?  I’d love to hear about it.  Please e-mail me at reclaimed-that@gmail.com.