Gardening in the Dark

Yes, you heard me right.  Even with the later daylight hours there is still not enough time in the day to get to everything.  We have been saying for the last couple of weeks that we are late in spraying our fruit trees.  Well, at 9:30 tonight we decided to finally take the time to do it.  When the cherries are starting to turn pink it might be a sign that it might actually be too late but at least it is done.

When I say we, I mean Andrew because, face it, all I did was snap a photo of him doing it.  It was hard work on my part but a gals got to do what it takes to support her man.  That’s my man being proud of himself for a job well done.

DSCN0939[1] DSCN0940[1]

I love my yard!

When we moved into this house in late January the lovely past owners left us a list and map of a lot of the plants and trees in our yard.  It helped me to not be so sad to leave my yard that I had spent 12 years grooming from scratch.  I had a peach tree that would give amazing fruit when the wind wouldn’t blow off all the blossoms.  I had 2 pear trees that where finally starting to produce, an apricot tree that was finally old enough to produce and an apple tree that I planted last year.  My garden was AMAZING!  I loved my yard and it was my pride and joy.

So when the opportunity to move into a larger house with a shop came along I was excited but also sad about my yard.  I had planned on taking clippings and pavers, etc. but the house sold in less than 48 hours so I didn’t get a chance to.  We only moved like 2 miles away and we had to drive past it twice a day for a few months after the new owner moved in to finish up the school carpool for the year.  It has made me super sad to see him not take care of it and not even using the garden that I so badly wanted stuff out of.  I sure hope he’s taking care of the inside better.  That was my first house and we worked hard on it.  We bought it brand new and finished the basement ourselves and worked our best to try to make it our dream home.

Anyways, back to the whole purpose of this post;  spraying fruit trees in the dark.  It’s amazing how you put something off for weeks and you get it done in like 10 minutes from start to finish.  At least the lower branches, anyways.  He used the sprayer that’s meant for Miracle Grow that didn’t have that far of a spray.  My cute little cherry tree (yes, I have a cherry tree!) was small enough that he got all of it.  Yah!  So, let’s see if we can get to trying the sprayer that I purchased years ago that’s meant for spraying fruit trees tomorrow.

I was worried when it was time to spray because we are out of work and I depend on our garden for food storage.  I was super excited to find that the past owners left a few different choices for us so I didn’t have to worry about the money.  I then found, when finally unpacking a few boxes of yard stuff, that I purchased some last year that I never even used.  This was a tender mercy for me in a time when I needed one.  (I’ll explain tender mercies in another post)

We have 1 pie cherry, 1 peach (that didn’t blossom this year, sad day), 2 different kinds of apples and 2 different kinds of choke cherries.  Next year I’m hoping that we can widen that variety.  Did I mention that I love working in my yard and canning?  I SO do!  I love that the previous owner told us what the trees are because those choke cherry trees wouldn’t have been used because I wouldn’t have known they where edible.  I love edible gardening and am so excited that she did too!

I have done a lot of research into what brand I needed because we have such a wide variety of fruit trees.  The one that I decided on is Hi-yield 55% Malathion spray.  I got 16 ounces for $13.99 at our local nursery. Which appears to be a great deal because Amazon has it for $33.01 right now.  I checked out a few other online stores that still where more expensive and you had to pay shipping.  So go check out your local nursery before you purchase it online.


Take advantage of your local nursery

Another important thing that your local nursery can help you with is when to spray.  I learned this year that the bugs don’t always show up at the same time every year.  They are up to date on when the best time to spray is.  Another thing they taught me is to never spray if there are still blossoms on the tree.  The bees will get the poison and it will kill them too.  We need our bees to help our plants grow and it makes me sad that I might have killed bees without even knowing it in the past.

Take advantage of your local nursery for lots of info that can help you with your yard and garden.  They are also a wonderful place to get plants for a lot less than you would pay at places like Walmart.  Plus they are healther and I’m amazed at how much bigger the plants are.

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