Alright you guys, are you ready for a little fun?  I don’t know about you, but I often spend hours on Pinterest trying to put together ideas.  I then pin them on a board and hope that I will later remember about them.  It’s then often hard to put together little ideas from all over into one big idea.  That system works for some people but it also doesn’t work for others.

I’m going to have fun putting together ideas into one central location.

The very first thing that I’m working on is decorating my front room.  I’ve been putting together ideas for this for over a year now. Custom t.v. console built by Reclaimed ThatWhen we moved into this home last February I decided that it was time to refresh the way that I decorate.  After all, when I got married 18 years ago the styles where a whole lot different than they are now.  My sense of style has also changed in that time.

I haven’t talked much about our family business, www.reclaimed-that.com, because I was trying to follow the rules of blogs and stick with only a few topics.  I’m no longer following those rules, so….My hubby and I build furniture out of reclaimed wood.  We work with weathered and unique wood that has a cool story to tell.  This experience has lead me to love the little imperfections that you find in the wood and reclaimed pieces of furniture.  I look at wood and furniture in a whole new light than I used to.

I have always had a very eclectic way of decorating.  I still do.  I love to mix new and old together in even the same piece.  When I decorate, I love to reuse something in a cool new way.  I also like to find cool new pieces that fit into the design.

I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t be the true definition of shabby chic but more shabbyeclectic chic.  Either way, it makes me happy.  What’s even better iCustom entertainment center by Reclaimed Thats that hubby even likes it.  Win, win everywhere!

Andrew and I sat down a few weeks ago and planned out our perfect entertainment center.  Now, if you know anything about our business, you would know that we do custom furniture.  We have put together custom pieces from all over the board.

One of my favorite pieces was actually an entertainment center.  This piece isn’t exactly what I’m hoping for though.  I’m kind of hoping for something that screams us!  I want something a little more eclectic done to it.

There are a few pieceShelf built by Reclaimed Thats that we have done that I’m hoping that we can incorporate pieces from all of them into one piece that is perfectly us.

The cool barn wood and random sized shelves in this one really appeals to my decorative eye.  I had fun designing this one for a store that carries our furniture.  The disadvantage of this one is that I really want some cabinet doors to hide some of the ugly stuff in them.  We could put one of these on either side of a t.v. console.

Custom shelf with drawers built by Reclaimed That

This one we did for a salon and the drawers are another thing that would be fun to incorporate into the piece.  If we had that many drawers they would probably just get filled with junk.  The colors are something that I’m thinking seriously about though.


This next piece is actually my absolute all time favorite piece that we have built.  It was so hard to actually deliver it to the customer.  I’m wondering how it would look to use this as the center.  I would change it up just slightly though.  It needs to have a place for the Roku, DVD player and cable box.

Custom buffet built by Reclaimed ThatCustom t.v. console built by Reclaimed That

What about adding the top shelf of this onto the the one with 4 doors?

The wall that we are going to be using is 13 feet long and the ceiling is just under 9 feet tall.  That seems such a large space until we started to see how to fit everything we wanted on to it.  We do have a longer wall, however the light shines through the glass on the front door and reflects on the t.v.  We also don’t want the t.v. to be the very first thing you see as you walk into the front door.  With it being on the other wall you have to walk through the entryway and into the front room before you even see it.

I also don’t care for a big chunky piece of cabinets above the t.v.  For some reason that look bothers me.  I also feel like if we took it to the ceiling that it might look too overwhelming.  The room is very large but we don’t want this to take over the room, so to speak.

So, here’s the challenge.  Can you see a way to incorporate these pieces into one beautiful piece?  We have already put together a preliminary idea but want to see if anyone else has a better idea.

Here comes the fun part.  We will be having a drawing for those that send us a sketch of their ideas!  There are a few rules though.

  1. You must turn in a sketch that fits the description outlined in this post.

  2. Please e-mail the sketch with the header entertainment center sketch before 11:59 on Monday, February 6, 2017.

  3. There must be at least 50 participants in order for the prize to be offered.

Mini single marble run built by Reclaimed That

The prize will be one of our new and improved marble runs shipped to your door.  If you want more information about our marble runs, check out our etsy shop. Please share this post with as many people as you can.  We would love to be able to offer this prize.

Do you think you can design the perfect entertainment center for us?  I’m so looking forward to seeing your ideas!


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