We CAN make it through our trials with joy in our hearts, even though life sure can be interesting sometimes.  You think you know what direction you are wanting to head; then life throws a curveball at you!  The trick is finding joy in which ever direction you are headed.  

We’ve had another one of those curveballs thrown at our family these last few weeks.  My husband cut off part of his finger on a table saw while making an order for a customer.  It changed the direction that my life was heading, that’s for sure.

I was trying to pull away from working in the shop as much so that I could spend more time in the home being a mom.  This cause me to immediately be thrown back into the shop full-time.  I needed to try to make up for Andrew not being able to work as much, or as quickly.

Boy, did that throw me for a loop!  I not only had to get my “mom” duties done, I had to fit homeschooling in and learn new skills in the shop.  Now was the time to get past my fear of the table saw even though it would seem that the fear should be even stronger.  There wasn’t time to work my way into it.  He did a great job of talking me through projects.

I have new skills that I never would have gained without this happening.  I can now do even more to support my family.  Joy can definitely be found in that!

Throughout the crazy of the situation we had many blessings take place.  I could choose to look at all the bad that took place.  However, I choose to look at all the good that took place.

While in the Emergency Room we discovered that we actually had insurance!  We thought we no longer had insurance.  The last few months we had actually been paying for our medications out-of-pocket because we never even checked.  When we checked on this we discovered that we are qualified through the end of the year!  We may have never found that out if he hadn’t gotten hurt.

He cut his finger just barely less than him needing to have it completely removed.  Wow!  Life would have been super interesting without the whole finger.  Building our furniture would have been quite different.  It also would have slowed him down quite a bit more.

My dad came and spent the week to help us.  So many blessing came from this visit that are personal to me.  I am tearing up as I think about how much it meant, and still means, to me that he did this for us.  One of those blessings is that my children got to know my dad better, on a more personal level.

We still don’t know what life has in store for our future.  This experience has allowed me to be a little bit more prepared for that future though.

Before this experience I was very fearful of the future because it is so uncertain.  I now know that we can do this though.  If Andrew does end up needing to get a job that doesn’t pay as much as we need, I am better prepared to pick up the slack.

The Lord looks out for us and sends trials our way in order to strengthen us.  I’m so grateful that He can see what strengths we need for the future.  He sent so many tender mercies to us throughout this experience.  Without my trials, I wouldn’t have learned nearly as many skills and traits.  I’m now feeling more prepared to take on the future with joy in my heart.

What trials have you had in your life that have helped you prepare better for the future?  Have you had a tender mercy that helped you to get through a trial?  Please share.


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