What brings joy?  I have been trying to find the joy in my life.  That’s part of the reason why I started this blog.  It has helped me to see joy a little differently, a little better.

Finding joy in our lives can help keep us emotionally, physically and mentally healthy.  It’s important for all of us to feel joy.  Finding what brings us joy can change our lives for the better.

finding joy

Joy often seems like a fleeting thing.  You think you have reached a point of joy and then it’s taken from you.  It seems to always be out of reach.

At least that’s how I have always looked at it in the past.

Joy is really in the little things in life.

I have a moment of joy where my 8 year old comes up to be and with clenched teeth tells me how very much she loves me.  She has to clench those teeth to express the amount of love she has.  My heart soars!

Then there’s a moment when a dear friend that I haven’t seen in a while sends us a card with a heart warming note and some cash to help us get by in these hard times.  Tears come to my eyes.

I get in contact with my best friend from 6-8th grade on Facebook.  I haven’t talked with her since we  had a short visit after we graduated from high school.  The wonderful memories flood my mind.

We receive so many furniture orders for our business in just a few short days that I’m wondering how we are going to work fast enough.  I feel the Lord looking over my family.

I have a friend drop by when she learns that we are trying to sell enough furniture in a few days to make our house payment.  They aren’t in need of furniture but would love to help because they can’t stop thinking of us.  I feel the tender moment of the another angel in my life.

I really could keep going on and on with what has just happened in the last week but this post would be way too long!

Joy doesn’t find you; you find joy. 

If you aren’t feeling joy in your life, start looking for it.  It’s there in the little things.  Those little things add up to the big things and make life wonderful.

What has brought you joy lately?  I would love to hear.  Leave a comment at the very bottom of the page, making sure that you are no longer on the homepage.


  1. I love this! I have learned that when we look for joy, we’re probably going to find it. Funny how that works! 😊 Thanks for reminding me to keep looking!

  2. I love this Amy! I’m so glad the Lord is looking out for you! Thank you for the sweet reminder to find joy in the little things. Love you!

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