Okay people, it’s happened again!  I flaked as a mom because I don’t have it together.  I have to get my stuff together, and fast!  My poor kids are missing out on things because mom can’t remember about it.  This morning I was supposed to wake up my teenage girls to go on a hike with their church group.  Well, I was working on our business logo instead and totally forgot.  Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t the least bit disappointed-but I am.

I need to start using my family calendar, that is already posted on the wall, and actually look at it.  Hey, I got it on the wall, I thought that was good enough.  Apparently not. Darn it!  I told the kids to start writing their stuff on it but that happens sporadically.  When they do write on it they think that they are the only ones doing something that day.  I mean, leave a little room for someone else to write something.  It’s a desk calendar so there is plenty of room if you just write normal.

Where to start….

I talked about doing a series of posts to help us tired mamas and I was planning on getting around to it, soon.  However, life told me, “No now!”  So I guess I will listen and start it today.  I think calendars are the first thing I will do some research on.  Since it’s what I already have (kind of) started I should actually use it.  Right?  I’m going to find out how to use a calendar like a boss today!

Using A Family Calendar Like A Boss


Oh my heavens!  I did a search on how to use a family calendar and the first thing that comes up is an app for a family calendar.  I forgot that I have one already installed on all of our family’s phones.  Why did I ever stop using this amazing tool?  Everyone in the family has their own profile already and everything.

Anyone that is logged into our family calendar can add an event and tag who it applies to.  You can also set up reminders and the time you want it to remind you.  Best of all, it was free!  I use Cozy (Flylady recommends it), but I’m sure there are a lot of other free ones out there as well.

I am totally making sure everyone is logged into this and using, it starting today!  If I would have been using this earlier today I would have received a reminder and I wouldn’t have forgotten about the hike.  I could have also had it set up to remind the girls.  It’s amazing how something so simple, yet not, can help you so much!

Wall Calendar

The wall calendar would be a great thing to bring to a weekly family planning meeting.  We have tried this a few times and it really helps.  I just get lazy and make life harder on myself than if I would just do a little planning.  I am planning on sitting down as a family tonight and doing one of these planning meetings.


I was going to do all this research into all these crazy awesome calendar ideas.  As I started that research I discovered that I already have a pretty good system.  I just need to use it!  The perfectionist in me is saying to hold the family planning meeting on Sunday to get ready for the following week.  The realist in me knows that I just need to do it now, before I don’t.

Apparently I already did the work of getting it set up.  I should give myself a pat on the back for that.  I guess there is something to be learned from this.  We aren’t doing as bad as we think we are.  We need to stop being so hard on ourselves and just breath for a minute.  We also need to not make it so complicated.  I was totally about to make it much more complicated that it need to be.

Follow through is my real take away from this post.  It wasn’t the purpose of it as I sat down to write it.  I was wondering how I was going to fit putting a system together into my schedule today.  What a tender mercy that I don’t have to.  The Lord allowed me to have a little sense of peace and reassurance that it’s going to be okay and that I got this.  Another tender mercy I received from this is the reminder of simplicity.

What system do you use to help keep your family organized?  I’d love to hear about it.  I might even feature it.  Please comment on the very bottom of the page, making sure you are not on the homepage but have clicked on the actual post.  Can’t wait to hear from ya!



  1. We just got Cozi this week…we’re just learning to use it and hoping we can use it consistently to help us coordinate things better when we’re all on the go. Just curious – do you use the free version or the gold version for $20/yr? I’m wondering if down the road a little bit we might decide it’s worth the subscription.

    1. I’ve always used the free version. I’m not sure if it’s worth the paid version or not. It’s really helped us though.

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