One of the plants in my yard is Saint John’s Wort.  It’s beautiful with or without the flowers.  I tried taking it as a teenager to help with my depression.  That’s all I knew about what you could use it for.  Of course I did some research and found more uses for it.

Uses for Saint John’s Wort

TEA-Bet you didn’t see that one coming?  The tea can be used to help you sleep better, help to lift your mood, mild anxiety, etc.  Use 1-2 tsp. of dried or fresh to 1 cup of boiling water.  Let it steep for about 10 minutes.  Some people think it works better if you use fresh.  Supposedly it doesn’t have the best flavor so most people recommend mixing it with other herbs you like or lemon and honey, etc.DSCN1055[1]

OIL-Fill an airtight jar with the flowers of the plant and cover with olive oil.  Leave in a sunny place for 3-4 days until the oil turns a bright red.  Then put it in a dark place for a few months.  Apparently olive oil will go bad and not be good to take internally if it’s left in direct sunlight for more than 3-4 days.

Internal uses include:

  • Helps with Insomnia
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Mild depression
  • Menopause issues
  • Digestion issues

Topical uses include:

  • Pain relief-  I rubbed some on my hands that always hurt bad.  It did help.
  • It is also good for inflammation of the skin
  • Helps to heal wounds
  • Cramps
  • Sprains
  • Helps bruises to heal

PAIN RELIEF-Use the oil topically for pain relief.  It actually works, I tried it!

TINCTURE-Fill an airtight jar with the leaves and flowers and cover with vodka.  Let sit for about a month.

ANXIETY-Drink the tea or take the tincture or the oil to help with mild anxiety.

ADHD-Using the tea, oil or tincture can help with mild ADHD symptoms.

OCD-Using the tea, oil or tincture can help with mild OCD symptoms.

SMOKING CESSATION– Using the tea, oil or tincture can help you when you are try to quite smoking.

SEASONAL DEPRESSION DISORDER-Using the tea, oil or tincture can help with seasonal depression.

SOCIAL ANXIETY-Using the tea, oil or tincture can help you relax enough to help with social anxiety.

MENSTRUAL CRAMPS-Taking the tea or using the oil or tincture can help with menstrual cramps.  You can also rub the oil on your abdomen.

PLAQUE PSORIASIS-Some people have found using an ointment made from St. John’s Wort or using the oil can help relieve the size and severity of plaque psoriasis.

SORE OR INJURED MUSCLES-Make a salve and to help heal and relieve the pain of injured or sore muscles.  Check out this link for the recipe.  http://www.thepracticalherbalist.com/healthy-recipes/warming-st-johns-wort-salve-recipe/
If you don’t have your own plant and want to use tea for some of these benefits try this dried St. John’s Wort or tea from Amazon.

100% Organic Saint Johns Wort Dried ~ 1 Ounce ~
Saint John’s Wort Tea 24 Bags

I’m sure there are more uses that I’m not remembering.  What do you use St.  John’s Wort for?  I’d love to hear.  Comment at the very bottom of the page, making sure that you aren’t still on the homepage.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, nor do I pretend to be one.  I’m not sure if any of these ideas have ever been evaluated by the FDA.  I am just compiling different ideas that you can choose to try at your own risk.  I will,most likely,try most of them or I wouldn’t have posted them here.


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