I saw a quote the other day that had me pondering how I can help bring more love to the world around me.  I then promptly forgot about it.  The lesson at church today reminded me of it and helped me to have a better resolve to apply it to my life.

Bring Love To The World Around YouIsn’t that a powerful statement?  It struck me so deeply the first time I read it.  I wanted to become that person.  Then life got in the way.  I strongly believe that it wasn’t a coincidence that it came again to my mind during a time that it was able to struck my heart even more deeply.

As I was looking for a picture to post the quote on I found this astounding picture that brought even more layers to the quote.  

When you bring love everywhere, it doesn’t matter if you are surrounded in thorns.  It doesn’t matter if there is danger of something scary (like a spider).  The cobwebs of old wounds, hurts, and feelings need also be set aside.  Love ignores all that.

Another thing to consider is our Savior.  He had a crown of thorns placed on his head and he was mocked.  What did he do in return?  He expressed his love for all of us by dying and being resurrected for us.  He provided us with the atonement, knowing that he wouldn’t always receive love in return.

When I stop to consider the meaning of love, I question some of my actions.  Why do I let petty things cause the feelings of love to leave a room?  I should sometimes stop for a split second to consider how I can show someone love.  When my child comes to me upset what would the Lord have me do?  If my spouse is in a bad mood, what act of love can I show them?

I am taking a resolve to try to slow down a little bit when responding to those around me.  How can I love them as the Savior would have me do?  I challenge you to help make the world around you more loving and follow the example of Mother Teresa.

Do you have any examples of a time that someone showed you love and it changed things for you?  I would LOVE to hear them.



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