The entry way is the only decorated area of my house right now.  It makes me happy, it brings me joy.

It has one of the entry tables that our business makes in it.  I have pictures of the people I love most in the world hanging on the wall and on the entry table.

I have signs that remind me of how important my family is.

There is an old reclaimed, one of a kind, door leaning against the wall.  You’ll find an old reclaimed metal gate that I painted with distressed paint hanging on the wall.

The silk plant in a the basket was one that we used for part of our wedding reception decorations.  The beautiful silk flowers a dear friend gave to me years ago.  I seldom see her but every time I see those flowers I smile and think of her.  I have a beautiful tray that I found on discount.  It is filled with potpourri that I made from things that I dried myself, many from my own yard.  There are other various nick-knacks that bring me joy.

It’s the little details like this that make a house a home.

Nothing in that space doesn’t bring me joy!  That’s the goal I have for my whole home!  I didn’t spend much putting it together.  I didn’t even spend much time putting it together.  However, every second I spend in that space brings me joy!

This is Joyism.

It’s now time for me to take it into my front room.  I gave you a challenge to help me come up with the perfect entertainment center for that space.  I can’t wait to decide if any of the submissions bring me more joy than the ideas that Andrew and I have drawn up.

A few weeks ago I went through the space and got rid of everything that we didn’t use.  It’s a decent space, however there isn’t really much in there besides furniture.  I want to go in there and feel the joy that I feel when I’m in our entry way.

The first step that I’m going to take is go through the room again using the KonMari method.  When I went through it before I was using my old organizing method.  It will be interesting to see how much more makes it out of that room.

I then need to have Andrew finish the flooring that he started almost a year ago.  I also need to finish the painting that I started almost a year ago.  There weren’t any baseboards in the room when we moved in.  However, we have found enough in our business supplies that we should be able to get baseboards up in the entry way and front room!

The next step will be the entertainment center.  The biggest obstacle in our way is time, at the moment.  Believe it or not, it’s not even money.  We already have almost everything that we need to complete most of this room.

We spend so much time working, trying to pay our bills, that we don’t get to do much for us.  I’m determined that we are going to find time to finish this, and soon!

Do any of you have any tips on how to manage your time in such a way that you can get stuff done around your own home?  I would love some tips!

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