Being Myself Can Bring Me Joy

Joy, it often seems unattainable.

Life has been difficult lately and I have been doing allot of thinking about what I can do to be more happy.   I have always been a perfectionist and rule follower, perhaps to a fault.  Because of this, when I started this blog I did allot of research into what makes a successful blog.  I have tried to follow the advise of successful blog writers.

I have tried to only write about a few select topics.  Apparently it is important to not be all over the board with your blog.  If you want to focus on too many topics then you should have more than one blog.

I have use Word Press as the site that I use to write my blog with.  That was the most recommended site for writing a blog.

Both of these choices have proven to be bad decisions.

I HATE Word Press!  You need to be a programmer in order to get the most of it, which I am not.  No matter how hard I try to make the appearance of my blog to look professional, it simply doesn’t satisfy me.

I had worked with WIX for our business website ( and I love how easy it is to change everything and make it just what I want.  I SO wish that I would have just followed my instincts and gone with what I already knew that I liked.  I thought that others knew better because of their experiences.  It obviously works for them, but not really for me.

I need to get better at following my own heart.

I’m now stuck with Word Press so I have been making the most of it.  However, I am not stuck with the way that I decide to do the content of my blog.  I don’t care that I should only stick with a few topics.  I want to enjoy posting what is making me happy at the moment.  That’s the whole purpose of this blog after all; bringing joy.

So, I say, to heck with it.  I’m doing it my way!  I woke up this morning with some fun ideas that I want to try and incorporate into this blog.  They may work, they may not.  Either way, I’m going to get joy out of trying!

I posted earlier about using our talents to help others.  I have thought allot lately about how I can leave a legacy in this life that has helped the world around me.  I need to use and develop current and new talents in order to do this.

I’m hoping that the new direction that I’m going to be taking this blog will bring you just as much joy as it will bring me!  I’ll still be posting the same types of posts as the past.  Those have brought me joy.  I’m just am greedy and want to post about more topics that bring me joy!  Stay tuned for a whole lot of fun!

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