Raspberries are a plant that I had at our old house that wasn’t at this one.  I, of course, had to plant some this spring.  It will take a few years for me to get enough to do anything with though.  I might be able to get a few leaves to do something with this year.

19 uses for raspberries and their leaves

Uses For Raspberries

TEA-You can use the leaves to make a lovely and beneficial tea.  This tea can help get rid of migraines, ease labor pains, and even use it as a base for other teas to add flavor or stretch more expensive herbs.

FERMENTED TEA-I’m not sure if this gives any more benefits or if it’s just a different way to enjoy it.  I would think that it makes it an alcoholic type drink, however I’m not quite sure because not all fermented drinks are alcoholic. Here’s a recipe if you’re interested.

TINCTURE-You can make a tincture out of the leaves by filling a airtight jar with the leaves and covering with Vodka.  Allow to sit for about 3 months before using.  1 Tbsp. of tincture is about the equivalent of 1 cup of tea.

LABOR PAIN RELIEF-Drink some of the tea or taking the tincture can help with some of that pain.

HEART HEALTH-Eating the fruit can help your heart through it’s anti-inflammatory properties.  It can also help increase blood flow.

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY-Eating the fruit can help with inflammation.

DIABETES-The anti-inflammatory and increased blood flow properties can be beneficial to diabetes.  Eating them can also regulate your blood sugar.

ARTHRITIS-The anti-inflammatory properties from eating the fruit can help with the pain and severity of the inflammation in arthritis.

WEIGHT LOSS-There are properties in the fruit that can increase you  your metabolism and aid in weight loss.

FIGHT AGING-The free radicals in the fruit can help fight the aging process of wrinkles and age spots.

EYE HEALTH-Eating the fruit can help fight macular degeneration which is not a fun thing.

IMMUNE SYSTEM-Eating the fruit can help strengthen your immune system.

NAUSEA-Eating the fruit can help relieve nausea in pregnant women.  I wonder if it can help those that aren’t pregnant.

GOUT-Eating the fruit can help with gout because of the anti-inflammatory properties.

MENSTRUAL HELP-Drinking the tea or taking the tincture can help with the health of the uterus.  It can also help with the cramps that come along with that time of the month.   This post gives some very helpful information about using the tincture and menstrual health.

MENOPAUSE-Drinking the tea or taking the tincture can help with the symptoms of menopause.

SORE THROATS-Drink or gargle the tea to help with sore throats.

DIARRHEA-Drinking the tea or taking the tincture can help alleviate diarrhea.

RECIPES-This totally goes without saying, however, it wouldn’t be a complete list without it.

If you want the benefits of the leaves without the work of growing them, here’s some links:

What do you use your raspberries and the leaves for?  I’d love to hear.  Leave a comment at the very bottom of the page, making sure you are no longer on the homepage.

Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor, nor do I pretend to be one.  I am simply compiling ideas for the use of this plant.  If you have any questions, please consult your doctor.

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